We are a small independent Oxfordshire based company dedicated to providing a personal service to schools, to act on your behalf and, guide you through the academy conversion process in a cost effective way 

Academy conversion

The process of converting to Academy status can appear complicated, daunting, time-consuming and expensive. There are multiple parties providing multiple pieces of advice, and often it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. In addition there are a large number of different steps to complete in order to convert, and as a school you can be left thinking ‘we want to do this, but we don’t want to employ someone to specifically run the process, and our staff are already too busy.’ In addition most of the work needed to manage a project like this needs to happen during the working day, when all your school staff want to be focussed on the business of teaching. If you feel your school is in this position, we can provide solutions to support you.

We have set up Acadin not only to aid schools through the process, but to also provide ongoing services for the effective management of the school in the new environment. Our hope is that you will wish to work with us during the conversion process as well as post conversion, but our services are designed as a ‘menu’ that you can pick and choose from depending on your individual requirements. 

We can project manage and advise you on the following aspects of the process:

  • Registering interest with DfE
  • Completing DfE Application to Convert forms
  • Consultation with parents, staff and local community
  • Decision on appointment and management of solicitors costs
  • Liaising with DfE and Local Authority
  • Completion of Commercial Transfer Agreement
  • Completing Land Transfer process
  • Completing and registering Memorandum and Articles of Association with Companies House
  • Completion of Funding Agreement TUPE
  • Banking arrangements
  • Pension transfers
  • Appointment of Responsible Officer
  • Insurance arrangements
  • Changing of existing supplier contracts to the new Academy Organisation

After the conversion

Once the conversion has taken place a number of services that were provided by the Local Authority will now be your responsibility. As a result, some of the same questions will spring to mind on how to find time or expertise to do this.Your school has the option to appoint a Business Manager, but this may not be practical from a cost or space perspective. You can opt to co-operate with other schools but you may have concerns about your independence and ensuring that the best use is made of your own budget for the benefit of your pupils.

We can provide a number of services for Academy schools that provide solutions to these problems. Our approach is to form a working partnership with your school.

We will begin the whole process with a face to face consultation to understand your requirements and tailor our services accordingly. Monthly meetings will be arranged as a minimum, to exchange updates on both sides to ensure a close working relationship. 

Services we offer:

Finance administration

  • Payroll and pension
  • Managing and monitoring budgets
  • Assisting head teachers and governors to set the school budgets and monitor income and expenditures
  • Management of invoices, cash and payments
  • Monitor, record and report financial activity
  • Ensuring all financial transactions are correctly processed • Identify, highlight and report discrepancies
  • Collection, storage and banking of cash and income
  • Salary reconciliations
  • Vat returns
  • Managing and negotiating contracts and suppliers Cash flow forecast and management

Facilities Management

  • Reactive repairs
  • Management of tendering process 
  • Establishing a schedule of maintenance 
  • Management of ground works 
  • Management of ICT services

Health and Safety Support

  • Initial audit of current position
  • Yearly audit
  • Develop plan to rectify issues
  • Establish schedule of review for
    • Electrical equipment 
    • Fire equipment 
    • First Aid
    • Gas 
    • Water
    • Security
    • Training 
    • Policies

About us

David and Izabell have set up Acadin to act on behalf of schools to ensure their best interests are looked after in this time of change. We want to ensure that schools receive value for money as well as enabling them to be in a position where they can concentrate on educating young people.

David is married to an Assistant Head Teacher of an Oxfordshire Primary School. Having worked in IT for the past 16 years David has gained extensive experience of working across large teams, dealing with legal contracts and managing complex projects. Previous to his IT career David was a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. David also currently runs a youth football team.

Izabell has studied accounts via the University of South Africa and subsequently gained 20 years of experience in accountancy and bookkeeping. Having worked in a variety of industries and roles she has a solid foundation in all aspects of accounts administration. Izabell also has previous experience of working within a school environment having fulfilled a number of roles at a local Oxfordshire Primary School. 

Contact us

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting to talk through your requirements in more detail.

Tel: 01869 220365
email: enquiries@acadin.co.uk